Medical Appointments


Stars Limousine is a great choice for people needing to go out of town for medical appointments.  We are familiar with many medical facilities in Sudbury, Toronto, Ottawa, etc.  If you would like to travel to your appointment and return the same day, we can do that.  We will pick you up at your home in time to get you to your appointment, we will wait for you and return you home when you are done.  This is great for people who may just have to go for a checkup and are not able to drive themselves.  Pricing is based on the amount of time you are out with our car, so there is no extra cost to bring someone along, so if you require assistance or simply wish to bring a friend, feel free to do so.

Our fees can qualify for the Ontario Travel Grant and we can issue you a receipt for that purpose.

Round trip (same day return) cost from New Liskeard to:

  • Toronto – $700
  • Ottawa – $760
  • Sudbury – $425

Prices are subject to HST.  Prices include up to 2 hours of waiting while you are in your appointment.  Any wait time in addition to 2 hours will be billed at $35/hr.